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Egg Cup Information

The egg cup is a piece of tableware used to serve boiled eggs inside their shell. They can be crafted from quite a few substances among them earthenware, wood, glass as well as metal. Egg cups produced from pottery are perfect for more elegant functions and also help to maintain your eggs heat when being consumed.

It is uncertain when and where egg cups originated from, however they do seem to show up in a Turkish mosaic from 3AD.

During Elizabethan times in Britain the upper class would likely employ silver egg cups to eat their boiled eggs from which triggered more regular folks copying the fashion making use of wood made versions. It's understood that Louis XV of France frequently used egg cups and that he was noted for beheading his eggs with a single chop.

Over the Victorian times egg cups really came into the mainstream when they were regularly purchased with dinnerware collections. Decorated egg cups were created by labels which include Wedgwood and Haviland and egg cup sets were frequently available.

Quite a few people gather egg cups as a leisure activity, a practice which is known as Pocilovy. You can find specialist events organised for enthusiasts and also a news letter called 'Eggcup Collectors Corner'.

Egg cups are suited to equally hard and soft boiled eggs and they assist in keeping the body of the egg in place when it is being broke wide open

As with almost all types of tableware, egg cups may be purchased in malls as well as specialized stores. Cheaper plastic egg cups can often be found for close to nothing at discount stores, whereas more pricey pewter or china cups will be aquired online or at good quality department stores. 

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